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The Oyster War

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  1. I was so intrigued by these reviews, as I researched the books and writers you worked with Elizabeth. Thought of pasting them here, to congratulate your effort. Such an important work of writing.

    “Like the northern California fog she perfectly evokes, Brennan weaves her way around the tricky terrain of what wilderness means today. The Oyster War is a smart, page-turning account of what happens when a cultural landscape is imagined as something potentially pristine. Her superb research, local’s vibe, balanced view, and ability to summon the magic that is Point Reyes, make The Oyster War vital reading for everyone interested in the future of U.S. environmentalism.” —Amanda Adams Hinde, author of A Mermaid’s Tale and Ladies of the Field

    “In these times of crucial need to protect both wild places and working landscapes supporting real people, difficult decisions must be made about who gets to stay and who must go. But we quickly find ourselves in a hall of mirrors. This is a devoutly honest book whose author recognizes that sometimes the closest we can get to truth is a matter of opinion. Her self-questioning integrity is a compass that can help us all steer a wiser course when we find ourselves in a tangle and the right direction is not easy to discern.” —Carl Safina, author of Beyond Words; What Animals Think and Feel

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