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How I Work

Once I’ve had an opportunity to speak with you and review your work, I’ll provide an estimate as to how long it will take me to turn it around. I’ll also provide a quote for the cost of the work. Please see Rates below for more information.

I will make all comments and suggested edits to your document in the form of track changes so that you can see my work. When appropriate, I will also provide a detailed editorial letter. I am always available for follow-up calls if you have additional questions.

Trust is essential to a good working relationship, and you can rest assured that I will keep your work confidential. I will never discuss your ideas or content without your permission and I will never make a claim on your copyright.


Prices depend upon the nature of your project and the scope of the work involved. My rates are competitive and negotiable. I welcome the opportunity to connect by phone or email to discuss your project’s unique needs. Please contact me here for more information.