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Publishing Consultation

Book publishing can be a confusing world for those not acquainted with the business, and it often leaves aspiring authors feeling like outsiders looking in. As your publishing consultant, I will demystify the publishing process for you and share my insights as to best strategies and approaches to attract the attention of top agents and editors. Together, we’ll discuss your goals for your writing career and for your specific project(s). After assessing your work, I will provide honest, constructive feedback and together we’ll create a detailed plan to help you achieve your goals.

Ask Me Anything

If you’re eager to learn more about the world of book publishing, but don’t have time to sift through unreliable websites and outdated guidebooks, I’m happy to connect by phone for a half hour call to answer all your questions about the industry. After presenting at dozens of writers conferences, and fielding countless questions from aspiring authors, I’ve learned what information is most essential to equip you with as you start on your path to publication. I will answer questions such as how to identify the right literary agent, how to approach an agent, how to craft a strong query letter, how to craft a proposal, how to build a platform, what happens after you sign with an agent, how best to publicize your work, and more.

This can also be a beneficial service if you are mid-process in submitting your work, or if you already have a book under contract. If you feel confused or concerned about your project, I can provide perspective and sound guidance based on years of experience. Some of the questions my clients asked of me most frequently were Is what I’m experiencing normal? Is my book progressing the way it should be? Should I be worried? Drawing upon my years of experience, I will provide advice you can trust, and our conversations will always be kept confidential.

Agent Matchmaking and Query Letter Review

Approaching agents is an exciting but anxiety-inducing part of the process. Writers sometimes feel their work is no longer in their control, but there are many things writers can do to position themselves best for success. Let me minimize the stress of seeking an agent by helping you identify which agents are the perfect fit for your project and fine-tuning your query letter.

After so many years as an agent, matchmaking is in my blood. I will help you identify a list of five to fifteen literary agents whose tastes align with your project. I have a wealth of contacts in the agenting world, many of them friends. Many agents will be people I know personally. For others I’m not familiar with, I’ll research them to be certain they are reputable, actively selling in the genre you’re writing in, and that they charge an appropriate commission. I will present you with a well-researched list of agents, including information such as how to contact them, who they represent, their recently reported book deals. I will also provide links to agent interviews and blog posts, if available.

If we have worked together editing your project and I think it’s ready, I’m happy to reach out to my contacts to make introductions. I can’t guarantee you’ll receive an offer of representation, but I have a great track record of connecting authors with their agents.

Once you’ve identified your targeted list of agents, the next step is perfecting your query letter. Your query letter is your calling card. For most writers, it’s your one chance to grab an agent’s attention and get your work in the door. I have read thousands of query letters, and can give you insight as to what approaches work best to charm agents and editors to open the gates. I will walk you through the ABCs of query letters, providing my simple formula for a winning query. And I’ll critique your query so that you can be certain you’re putting your best foot forward when approaching agents.

Platform Building

A strong platform is an essential ingredient to securing a solid book deal in nonfiction, but it’s becoming increasingly important in fiction as well. A person’s platform is what distinguishes them as an expert and demonstrates they command a robust audience eager to buy their book. It can include awards and accolades, professional credentials, work and personal experiences, as well as publicity hits and social media presence. The most important aspect of an author’s platform is that it demonstrates there is a built in audience for the book with which the author interacts frequently on an ongoing basis.

As an agent, the number one question I was asked by aspiring authors was how to build a big platform. There’s no simple answer to this question, but as your publishing consultant and platform coach, I can help you create a game plan to grow your platform and achieve your publishing goals.

Together, we’ll discuss what you hope to accomplish with your book and in your career, and we’ll explore how your book fits in with your brand. I will provide a professional and honest (but always constructive) assessment of your chances of securing a publishing deal and offer recommendations for the most effective ways of building your platform. Growing a platform takes time, dedication, and creative thinking, especially if you’re starting from scratch, but you don’t have to do it alone. My years as an agent have taught me that sometimes all a person needs is someone in their corner helping them brainstorm, setting attainable goals, rooting them on, and keeping them on task.