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Editorial Services


A proofread is a great idea if you are satisfied with your work but need a fresh set of eyes to give it a final once over. I will give your finished manuscript a close read to eliminate surface errors such as typos, misspellings, grammatical errors and formatting inconsistencies. With this service, you can rest assured that your reader’s focus will be on your content, and not on any distracting minor mistakes.

Line Editing

A meticulous line edit enhances the power of your writing while preserving the authenticity of your voice and content. Sentence by sentence, I will smooth and polish your prose so that your writing is clear, eloquent, and reads effortlessly.

As I read your manuscript, I will comb each sentence for typos, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and formatting inconsistencies. I’ll also clean up any awkward phrasing, identify areas that need additional clarification, and suggest cuts to eliminate redundancy and tighten the prose. You will come away with a clean manuscript, ready to submit.

Developmental Editing

For writers seeking a deeper level of editorial guidance, I will provide a comprehensive evaluation of your project, assessing its strengths, weaknesses, and what additional work is needed for it to achieve its full potential.

My developmental edits are extremely thorough. My goal is to get your project where it needs to be to attract the attention of an editor or agent. I will pay careful attention to your story’s structure, plot development, pacing, characterization, dialogue, tone, clarity, cohesiveness, delivery and style.

First, I’ll read your project start-to-finish to acquaint myself with your story. Next, I’ll do a complete edit, making detailed notes and suggestions on the document in the form of track changes. Finally, I will reread your manuscript along with my notes and create a detailed editorial letter that makes specific recommendations as to how you can strengthen your manuscript. Once you’ve had the chance to review my letter and notes, we’ll arrange a time to speak by phone to discuss any remaining questions.

Proposal Crafting and Editing

As an agent, I was known for my nonfiction list, and I am an expert at creating and shaping nonfiction proposals. As your proposal editor, I will hold your work to the same rigorous standards I held my clients’ proposals, and I will work with you until your proposal is in top shape and submission ready.

First I will share my time-tested proposal guide so you can be certain your proposal includes all the information editors need. If you already have a proposal in place, I will assess each section of your proposal to be certain it provides the essential information in a compelling way, in addition to evaluating the clarity of the writing, strength of your argument, and the reach of your platform.

If you are seeking a ghostwriter or co-writer for your nonfiction project, I am also available to write your proposal and manuscript. This collaborative process involves frequent communication between writer and author. Please contact me here for more information.